Plaka Mo, Tao Ko

Plaka Mo, Tao Ko is NEC’s program to assist record consignors and resellers in leveraging Facebook Live Selling and NEC’s audience reach as a means to generate online sales. With this program, NEC offers its live selling service and platform to fellow record sellers and stores who are interested to market their products in digital space and in real time.


  • Reach a wider audience by broadcasting using NEC’s Facebook with over 55,000 followers.

  • Avoid logistics duties and start live selling without having to do it yourself or on your own.

  • Promote your products in real time and translate them to sales immediately.

  • Get additional promotions through NEC Facebook not only during the scheduled broadcast but also during the days leading to your live selling session.

  • In this time of pandemic, take advantage of an effective online sales approach that minimizes face-to-face transactions.


  • Live selling sessions will be hosted by NEC associates Cha and Raymund.

  • Same rules will be applied when identifying first dibbers. Viewers will be asked to comment ‘Mine’ with any of the following: code number, artist, title. The hosts will announce the winners during the broadcast.

  • A live selling session may be scheduled on a Sunday or Monday, with a duration of maximum three hours. NEC’s recommended time is from 6pm to 9pm when the majority of NEC’s followers are online and active.

  • Plaka Mo, Tao Ko only enlists NEC’s live selling service. Contacting of winners and facilitating shipping or delivery will be taken care of by the consignors/resellers. NEC holds no responsibility for loss or damage of the products.

  • A joining fee of PhP3,000 per live selling session to be settled before the scheduled broadcast.

  • A commission fee of PhP50 for every record sold to be settled after the scheduled broadcast.

  • Records for sale with indicated tracking number plus pricing to be endorsed to NEC at least a day before the live selling.

  • Details or scope of your live selling strategy (e.g. discounted offers, final broadcast schedule, related announcements, teaser photos etc.) for promotions on NEC Facebook.

  • Transparency and fairness are always expected when dealing with fellow collectors. NEC will not be liable for any issue or conflict that may arise in relation to the records for sale, as such customer concerns must be dealt with conscientiously and courteously by the consignors.

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